TEST Ltd News

TEST Ltd has just successfully completed an external Health & Safety audit and are proud to acheive a certificate of excellence in promoting Health, Safety and Wellbeing within our business. We believe that a business that manages risks well and provides a safe working environment for it's employees will always deliver a quality service to you, our valued customers.

Congratulations to Hazel Stanier and Chris Bass on successful renewal of their First Aid qualification last month.

Also, Congratulations go to Jon Ward and Chris Bass on completion of their ITSSAR Fork Lift certification.

Training forms an essential part of TEST's continuous improvement and we value the knowledge and experience that our staff bring to TEST.

TEST Ltd are here to support our customers during the COVID19 pandemic and remain commited to ensuring decontamination processes have the critical testing that is requried. We have worked hard to ensure all of our services have been available during the past few months and have recieved praise from customers for our support in these difficult times. Thank you to all of customers and suppliers whose support and cooperation have made this possible.

T.E.S.T. Ltd is commited to keeping our services operating during this time to deliver the highest level of support to our customers.

We have measures in place to protect our customers and staff and we have made a few changes for increased contingency planning. This is detailed in our latest COVID-19 business continuity plan, please get in touch if you would like to receive a copy.

T.E.S.T. is now working to the new ISO 17025:2017 standard. This means that the laboratory is working to the latest management system and has recently had a successful visit from UKAS. T.E.S.T. continues to strive towards the highest level of quality and standards in our testing methodologies and operation of our business. We understand our customers value the focus on quality and impartiality to build the assurance they need in their own departments and processes through testing results.