UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory

UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory

UKAS accredited laboratory

Our UKAS accredited in-house testing laboratory allows us to carry out testing fast and efficiently, reducing the cost to the customer.


Total Viable Counts (TVCs) should be carried out on a weekly basis as part of your washer-disinfector Final Rinse Water testing. The membrane filtration technique is used to enumerate a wide range of mesophilic organisms that could be contaminating your equipment and affect patient safety. Our weekly testing service includes dedicated courier collections, sample bottles, electronic result reporting and over-the-phone advice from qualified staff.


Surrogate devices and biofilm are required as part of the annual validation of washer-disinfectors. These can be produced by our Laboratory. Please contact us for pricing and more information.


Endotoxins are produced by certain species of bacteria, high levels of these can be harmful in clinical situations. The level of endotoxin in water samples can be quantified via an in-house method, this should be carried out on Final Rinse Water as part of the annual validation.


Endoscope swab testing is a cleaning confirmation test described in the new HTM 01-06. Swabs may be taken after endoscope decontamination and are tested by our laboratory for the presence of residual protein and microorganisms. Residual protein is an indicator of ineffective cleaning; presenting a danger of cross-contamination. Microorganisms can be present after improper disinfection or contamination. Swabbing can help to give you confidence that your decontamination regime is producing consistent results.


The HTM 04-01 Addendum for Pseudomonas introduces testing of water oulets and taps for Pseduomonas aeruginosa and it is required under HTM 01-06 for final rinse water. Please enquire for further details.


In areas where Legionella exposure can potentially endanger staff or members of the public, especially at-risk groups, it is the responsibility of the person in control of that premises, under Health and Safety law, to ensure the risks are assessed and a management strategy is implemented. Testing is in the form of microbiological analysis for the total number of bacteria present, acting as a measure microbial control and Legionella specific testing. This will enumerate the number and identify the type of any Legionella bacteria present and help to assess the risk to your staff and patients.

The Laboratory is accredited by UKAS for a range of testing. Our accreditation covers;

  • TVC TestingĀ 
  • Endotoxin TestingĀ 
  • Pseudomonas and Legionella TestingĀ 
  • Surrogate Devices
  • Biofilm Testing
  • Environmental Mycobacteria