Surrogate Devices

Surrogate Devices

Surrogate device for drying cabinets

SURROGATE DEVICES FOR ISO 15883, HTM 01-06, WHTM 01-06, SHTM 2030 NIHTM 01-06, & BS EN ISO 16442

tscope endoscope connectorT-SCOPE is a 3m 5 channel surrogate device designed specifically for:

  • Channel Patency
  • Soil Testing
  • Microbiological Disinfection Efficacy disinfector

The t-scope has been designed in accordance with ISO 15883-4 ref. 6.6.2 and HTM 01-06. It is manufactured from high quality 316L stainless steel with endoscope trumpet valves and connection ports all within the strict tolerences demanded by ISO 15883-4 Annex F.


tscope channel patencyThe lumen patency detection test is simple and compliant. T-scope utilises interchangeable needles on a 5 channel surrogate in accordance with HTM 01-06 offering;

  • Full blockage
  • Partial blockage
  • Channel disconnection

All channel patency requirements are catered for in a simple, quick and efficient procedure



tscope surrogate soil testUsing the T.E.S.T. Laboratory Test Soil (ISO 15883-5 Annex R), the t-scope helps to establish worst case conditions of temperature, detergent concentration and channel flow rates.

The t-scope can be attached to your data logger to provide thermal mapping of the internal channel flows - essential if you are validating temperature dependant disinfectant.




tscope disinfection efficacyT-scope allows Microbial testing of the efficacy of chemical disinfection of the load in accordance with ISO 15883-4 Annex B.

T.E.S.T. Ltd supply regular training for qualified test & competent persons and routinely monitor your guidance and regulatory protocols for any updates / ammendments.