ETO Sterilisers - AXIS Benchtop

ETO Sterilisers - AXIS Benchtop

AXIS ETO Steriliser Image

What is an AXIS Benchtop EtO Steriliser?

AXIS makes the sterilisation of instruments a one-step, simple and safe process. The in-chamber aeration makes processing instruments and materials easy, with minimal operator handling. Ideal for laproscopic instruments and the all-in-one solution for verterinary sterilisation.

These double-walled stainless steel cabinets are heated to 54°C and use negative pressure throughout the cycle which ensures the Ethylene oxide gas residues are extracted through the exhaust pipe to the outside using the built in fan.

The 16 hour cycle includes aeration and instruments are ready to use immediately when taken from the cabinet.

Who are Ethylene oxide sterilisers suited for?

The benchtop range of sterilisers are small cabinets suited for customers who may have limited space to fit a conventional steriliser. Our AXIS benchtop sterilisers are available in a variety of sizes and footprints from 60L - 200L to suit every need.

Some of our clients of the AXIS benchtop range include:

  • Small production facilities of sterile goods
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hospital departments

Ethylene oxide is widely compatible with many types of instruments and is especially suited to plastics and materials that cannot be autoclaved.

Veterinary sterilisers and Medium-size load models


AX-60 OpenAX-60 Closed

Our smallest steriliser, designed to be used with small loads and our ARQ-11/AR-11 ethylene oxide sterilising ampoules/cartridges. This steriliser is perfect for fitting into tighter workspaces in small facilites.

  • 60 Litre capacity
  • Inner dimensions: 35 x 35 x 49 cm
  • 200W


AX-135 ClosedAX-135 OpenOur most popular benchtop steriliser designed for smaller loads and our ARQ-20 sterilising ampoules. This cabinet is deeper than the AX-135 allowing the sterilisation of longer items. 

  • 135 Litre capacity
  • Inner dimensions: 37 x 41 x 122cm
  • 400W



AX-160 ClosedAX-160 Open

The AX-160 has a larger footprint than the AX-135/AX-60 and as such allows the sterilisation of bulkier items whilst still being able to fit on the benchtop.

  • 160 Litre capacity
  • Inner dimensions: 53 x 68 x 48 cm
  • 300W
  • Electronic door locking mechanism




AX-200 ClosedAX-200 OpenThe AX-200 has a similar footprint to the AX-160 however has an additional 40 litres of space within the cabinet allowing the simultaneous sterilisation of two loads. The adition of the 14.5cm touchscreen allows fast control of the steriliser and an 'at-a-glance' overview of the status of the two loads allowing for simpler operation.

  • 200 Litre capacity
  • Inner dimensions: 62 x 55 x 60 cm
  • 350W
  • Electronic door locking mechanism
  • 14.5 cm Touchscreen control