Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Information

Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Information

What is Ethylene Oxide? Our range of Ethylene Oxide sterilising kits and consumables.

What is Ethylene Oxide (EtO)?

Ethylene Oxide Ball and Stick

Ethylene Oxide (EtO) is a simple cyclic ether. At room temperature it gaseous, but liquifies below 10.7°C. It is vitally important in the production of many chemicals and products such as antifreeze, paints and detergents.

EtO gas is widely used in hospitals and veterinary worldwide for the sterilisation of medical devices and equipment and is a popular alternative to radiation and steam sterilisation. 122,000 kilograms per year is used for sterilisation the US alone.

How EtO sterilises?

How the TEST Ltd Ethylene Oxide sterilisation system works?

Pure EtO can be used as a sterilising gas, it destroys microorganisms by alkylating (attaching to) enzymes and DNA, causing their inactivation.

To accomplish this, Ethylene Oxide first needs to penetrate materials and plastics. In order to speed up this process the gas is usually heated to 38°C or 54°C, this is known as low temperature sterilisation and is compatible with a much wider range of materials compared to steam and dry heat processes.

The process is simple; place the materials to be sterilised into the liner bag, add the EtO ampoule/cartridge, humidity chip and your chosen process challenge device. Seal the bag with the included bag tie and activate the ampoule.

Some of the items you can sterilise with EtO are;

  • Laparoscopic Instruments
    • Laparoscopic instrumentation is often not compatible with conventional forms of sterilisation due to the delicate optical, electronic and plastic construction of the devices. EtO sterilisation allows simple and straightforward decontamination of the instruments. EtO sterilisation of reusable laparoscopic instruments can provide a cost-saving over single use devices.
  • Endoscopes
  • Catheters & Tubes
    • Syringes
    • Gowns and Masks
    • Bandages & Dressings
    • Respirators
    • Sutures
    • Stent Sets
    • Probes and electrical equipment
    • Plastic & Rubber Tubing
      • Electrical Equipment (Batteries Separately)

      Our range of EtO sterilisation kits:

      TEST Ltd Ethylene Oxide Sterilising Kit

      Ampoule Kits

      Our 'ARQ' ampoule kits offer the greatest value for EtO sterilisation. Available in both 11cc and 20cc sizes to suit a variety of machine types and sizes.

      • ARQ-20 
        • 20 x 20cc EtO Ampoules
        • 20 x Humidity Chips
        • 20 x Liner Bags
        • 20 x Bag Ties
      • ARQ-11
        • 20 x 20cc EtO Ampoules
        • 20 x Humidity Chips
        • 20 x Liner Bags
        • 20 x Bag Ties

      Cartridge Kits

      Our 'AR' cartridge kits allow easier operation with a simplistic push-button design. Furthermore the cartridge range is supplied with slightly larger bags without a gusset; suited towards the sterilisation of longer, flatter items.

      • AR-11
        • 20 x 11cc EtO Cartridges
        • 20 x Humidity Chips
        • 20 x Liner Bags
        • 20 x Bag Ties

      Our range of EtO Consumables:

      TEST Ltd Consumables

      We can supply a wide range of sterilisation consumables for both process indication and biological confirmation. 

      Process indicators are vital to confirming that the EtO process has met the defined parameters required for successful sterilisation. We offer a range of these products ranging from Class 1 - Class 5 rated depending on the assurance level that you require.

      Biological indicators (BIs) are useful as they allow the operator to determine whether the sterilisation process has proceeded with enough efficacy to neutralise the bacterial spores contained within the BI. They provide the best method of assuring that a sterilisation process has been executed to completion.

      • Browne ETO Indicator Spots (Class 1)
      • Browne MVI Indicator Strips (Class 5)
      • AXIS Dosimeters
      • AXIS Chemical Indicators
      • Valispore Biological Indicators