Biofilm and Surrogate Devices

Biofilm and Surrogate Devices

Surrogate devices for ISO 15883 and ISO 16442

T.E.S.T Ltd offer a full suite of ISO 15883-4 compliant surrogate devices suitable for the 'one-stop' validation of both endoscopy washer disinfectors and drying cabinets. 

Our on-hand team of expert microbiologists, authorising persons AP(D) and authorising engineers AE(D) can help you to make the correct choice with your HTM 01-06 endoscopy validation. 

Washer Disinfector (EWD) Surrogate Devices

Our surrogate devices offer a simple and convenient solution towards the HTM 01-06 validation of endoscopy washer disinfectors (EWDs), with a dedicated team of expert microbiologists, our in-house laboratory is validated for the construction and enumeration of surrogate devices.

The unique modular design of the surrogates devices allows them to be customised to suit your requirements from the size and number of channels, connector type right down to the number of bacterial species that can be loaded.

Drying Cabinet Surrogate Devices

We also offer ISO 15883-4 compliant drying cabinet surrogate devices allowing you to ensure that your endoscopy equipment is fully HTM 01-06 validated. We have dedicated engineers on-site that are capable of installing and removing the surrogate devices.

We can also supply contact and settle plates meaning that our laboratory offers a solution to all aspects of HTM 01-06 endoscopy validation