Industrial Ethylene oxide Sterilisers

Industrial Ethylene oxide Sterilisers

AXIS Industrial Ethylene oxide Sterilisers

Industrial Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation

The AXIS industrial ethylene oxide steriliser range is the most cost effective way to sterilise large volumes of product.

T.E.S.T. Ltd can supply, install and validate your own steriliser in accordance with ISO-11135.

With capacities of 3 to 12 pallets, excellent material compatibility and highly controlled sterilisation parameters, T.E.S.T. have the solution to any sterilisation challenge


Meets EN 1422 and EN 11135:2014 standards

The ideal solution for large-scale production processes that require large volumes of sterile product, on pallets, with automatic in-chamber preconditioning and aeration. The AXIS brand sterilisers are fully automatic devices capable of processing a wide range of materials using Ethylene Oxide gas.

The Industrial range is aimed at the sterilisation of productions on a large scale, geared towards easy loading and unloading via pallets. With a stainless steel frame and sliding pneumatic doors the heavy duty industrial system is designed for long-life and operator safety.

Operator Safety

Multiple safety systems on the AXIS sterilizers protect the operator and ensure maximum security. The load is sealed behind an inflatable silicone gasket and security jaws hold the door in place.

The risk of exposure is minimised through performing aeration in the same chamber, thus the sterile items can be unloaded from the chamber with no gas residues. A dedicated system is used to treat the residual gas in order to fully remove it from the load items, filtered air is pumped into the chamber and the residual gas is drained and diluted in water to waste. An inner trolley system conveys the goods in the steriliser, so operators never need enter the chamber.


The system comprises of the chamber, auxiliary framework and control computer. The 306 grade stainless steel chamber is supplied by a vacuum system, heat circulator, humidifier and vapour generator as well as multiple protection and alarm systems.

Multiple ports allow the steriliser to be tested for temperature, vacuum pressure, humidity, chemical dosing and a sampling point. The system can operate under negative or positive pressure as required (Maximum operating pressure: -85kPa to +85kPa with 0.1KPa precision). A six-direction heating system provides the system with an even temperature throughout the chamber.

For ease of use, the system uses a Panasonic PLC with a 5.7” Easyview colour touchscreen display. The display indicates the current sterilisation progress, displays parameter trend graphs, allows configuration and generates sterilisation summaries and reports.

Data recording using Solid-State memory

Using a data recording system, the critical sterilization parameters (temperature, pressure and humidity) are displayed in real-time on the LCD and stored in its internal flash memory. An RS 232 (or isolated RS-485) interface is provided.

The data can be displayed digitally in a number of user-selectable options; bar-graph, real-time single channel trend, historical data trend and more. A mini printer is provided to print this recorded information at any time

Our range of AXIS Industrial EtO sterilisers:



  • Capacity: 7 m³
  • Pallet Capacity (EUR): 3.5
  • Gas Consumption / cycle (approx): 4 kg
  • Electrical Consumption / cycle (approx): 80 kWh
  • Inner Dimensions (cm): 300 x 135 x 170
  • Outer Dimensions (cm): 325 x 295 x 240


  • Capacity: 10 m³
  • Pallet Capacity (EUR): 5.5
  • Gas Consumption / cycle (approx): 6 kg
  • Electrical Consumption / cycle (approx): 160 kWh
  • Inner Dimensions (cm): 450 x 135 x 170
  • Outer Dimensions (cm): 495 x 295 x 240


  • Capacity: 15 m³
  • Pallet Capacity (EUR): 8.5
  • Gas Consumption / cycle (approx): 9 kg
  • Electrical Consumption / cycle (approx): 160 kWh
  • Inner Dimensions (cm): 675 x 135 x 175
  • Outer Dimensions (cm): 720 x 295 x 240


  • Capacity: 20 m³
  • Pallet Capacity (EUR): 11
  • Gas Consumption / cycle (approx): 12 kg
  • Electrical Consumption / cycle (approx):  240 kWh
  • Inner Dimensions (cm): 900 x 135 x 170
  • Outer Dimensions (cm): 945 x 295 x 240


  • Capacity: 25 m³
  • Pallet Capacity (EUR): 12.5
  • Gas Consumption / cycle (approx): 15 kg
  • Electrical Consumption / cycle (approx):  240 kWh
  • Inner Dimensions (cm): 1000 x 145 x 170
  • Outer Dimensions (cm): 1045 x 305 x 240