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TEST Ltd are a team of qualified engineers, test persons and clinical staff, offering you a complete service from supply and installation through to maintenance and testing.

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HTM 2030 / HTM 01-06

On site testing of all your decontamination systems including endoscopy, autoclaves, ethylene oxide sterilizers, ultrasonic baths and many more. All personnel are qualified to the highest standards and currently serve major customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

HTM2030 Washer Disinfector Testing
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The new HTM01-05 has been introduced to ensure Dental Practices maintain a thorough decontamination regime. T.E.S.T. Ltd offer testing and other services to ensure that your Practice is compliant and to give you and your staff confidence in your equipment and procedures

Dental Validation
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T.E.S.T. Ltd has its own in-house laboratory that allows us to carry out your sample testing quickly and reliably. We offer a range of HTM testing services as well as carrying out scientific studies on equipment and products.

Lab Testing
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CFPP 01-06 Released

The new guidance document for endoscope decontamination has been released via the NHS Space for Health website. Changes to practices and specifications have been made which could impact on your department. Here at T.E.S.T., keeping our customers up-to date with the latest standards and guidelines is a key part of our service.

Please call today for further information on the new decontamination guideline and speak with our team of specialist advisors on 01782 572400.

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